7 Astounding Reasons to Buy a Cork Bag Today

Sustainable fashion is the hottest new trend for both fashion and earth lovers.

Finding items that are made of eco-friendly, recyclable, and cruelty-free materials can make you feel good about your purchases.

Cork has emerged as a leading material in the fashion industry for this very reason. And although when thinking about cork, you may only think about what comes in the top of your wine bottle, this material is actually being used for many different things, including handbags.

Cork bags are a great way to step up your fashion game if you are a sustainable product lover. If you’re wondering what’s so great about cork bags, keep reading as we break down the 7 reasons you need to buy one today!

What is Cork?

First things first, it's important that you know the details of this material to appreciate why it's so great. Cork is a completely natural material that comes from the tree bark of oak trees.

Most cork you see comes from Portugal. They are the producers of over 50% of cork worldwide.

The best part of this material is that no trees are harmed in the harvesting process. Farmers simply shave the bark off the outer layer of these oak trees using specialized methods so the trees don't get damaged. This outer layer will grow back within a handful of years.

This process means that cork is a completely renewable and eco-friendly material. After the cork is harvested, it is left to dry for around six months before it is placed under heat and pressure to compact the material into its highest quality and most-usable form.

This process is completely chemical free and produces a material that is being used as a leather-alternative worldwide.

Why Buy A Cork Bag?

You may be worried about the durability of cork bags since you're used to finding this material in wine corks or cork boards, where it often breaks down and is crumbly.

The cork used to produce items like purses and other accessories is of a much higher quality than what you find preserving your wine. So not to worry, you won’t have issues with your new cork purse falling apart. Here are some of the reasons to make the switch to cork:

1. Water-Resistant

One of the best things about a bag made of cork is that it's highly water-resistant, which makes sense given that it's commonly seen as a wine stopper. Despite its spongy looking appearance, cork is actually waterproof.

Meaning on those unfortunate days when you get caught in the rain, all of your belongings will remain dry. The science behind this water resistance is that the cells contain a substance called suberin. Suberin has a natural fatty property that prevents water retention within the cell walls and is what gives cork this awesome feature.

2. Durable

You don’t have to worry about scratching or tearing your cork bag because this material is surprisingly durable. It's even resistant to stains. If well taken care of, your cork bag can last you up to 30 years.

This amazing durability leads cork to be a chosen material for many things, including NASA’s spaceships. On a microscopic level, the structure of cork is like that of a honeycomb which is why it’s so sturdy and abrasion-resistant.

3. Safe

Another amazing aspect of cork is that it is anti-microbial, which means it works to prevent mould or mildew as well as limit dust and absorption of toxins.

This material is excellent for people with allergies since it won’t absorb whatever is in the surrounding air.

4. Soft

Don’t worry that because cork is so durable it is also rough to the touch. Once through the initial harvesting process, cork becomes a very soft material.

As a leading alternative to faux and real leather, this vegan-friendly material feels very similar to the real thing, but without the cruelty.

The soft and subtle quality of cork makes it the perfect material for a bag. Cork bags will often get even softer over time and wear.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

As we explained a bit earlier, cork is a completely natural and sustainable material. Meaning that its environmental impact is low and you can feel good about purchasing it.

Because harvesting cork doesn’t damage trees and the material grows back on its own, this product is completely renewable and doesn’t require a big production-based process that causes pollution.

As cork grows in popularity, the need for more trees also grows. This industry actually supports the growth of trees and a healthy environment.

6. Lightweight and Unique

Cork is completely unique, meaning you won’t ever find two pieces that are identical. The material has its own unique ‘fingerprint’ that makes it unlike all the copycat handbags in the world.

We all know how heavy purses can get. This material is naturally lightweight, so you aren’t weighed down by heavy leather.

7. Fire Resistant

Last but not least, cork is also resistant to flames and extreme heat. Its an extremely slow-burning material.

Although we hope you never have to test this fact, it's good to know that your items inside would be safe.

Make The Switch To Cork

When going to purchase your next purse, keep these advantages of cork in mind. Cork handbags, wallets, and other accessories make excellent gifts for your vegan or eco-conscious friends.

This wonderful product is sometimes referred to as “nature's leather” and you’re sure to be pleased with owning some of it.

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