The Backpack Purse: The Holy Grail of Handbags

Remember back to the 1990s when you could get away with wearing a cute little backpack as a purse?

Thankfully, some of the 1990s fashion is back, and that includes the all-elusive holy grail of totes: the backpack purse. Perfect for the busy woman (or man!) who wants to carry around their essentials while going hands-free, it's a fashionable alternative to a handbag.

In this article, we'll discuss why you should ditch the purse for a backpack, and why carrying a vegan bag is the way of the future.

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Ditch the Handbag: Go for a Backpack Purse

A recent survey from Glamour Magazine in the UK stated that the average woman has seven handbags. Although this was done across the pond, we can bet the women in North America are no different.

A handbag can be a handy way to keep your keys, wallet, phone and everything else together, but it can also morph into a black hole. How many of us have gone through our purse to find not just our essentials, but several lipsticks, gum, used tickets to events and transportation, dog poop bags and anything else you can think of?

A backpack purse keeps everything compact. The sizes that we carry ensure you can keep your essentials with you on days out, but they aren't so big that you'll find yourself stuffing everything and the kitchen sink in them.

A backpack purse is very handy for moms and dads, as it allows you to keep your hands free while you fuss with your little one.

Even if you're not a mom or a dad, it's still a convenient item to wear shopping or out in general. Instead of constantly having to readjust your bag over your shoulder, you're totally hands-free to shop or participate in other activities.

Why Choose Cork Bags?

You may have noticed that veganism is on the rise in the past few years. Veganism is much more than ditching meat and dairy; it's also a lifestyle.

Going vegan is one of the most positive steps you can take toward ensuring the environment is protected and is still here for our children and grandchildren. It's also a great way to show your compassion for your fellow living beings.

People fully committed to the vegan lifestyle also commit to not buying items made from animal products or use make-up that has been tested on animals.

One popular alternative to animal skins is plastic, either in the form of PVC or PU leather. You probably even have a couple of these in your closet.

While this is better for animals, plastic still isn't environmentally friendly. Many products made from this plastic break quickly, meaning you'll end up donating it or tossing it away. Often times, plastics like these end up in a landfill, even if you do donate them to a second-hand store.

Cork, however, is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics, and it is similar to leather in feel and looks. Cork is also often thrown away, so it uses a product that would have otherwise been thrown out.

Plus, cork is stronger than PVC and other plastics, meaning you won't be ditching your backpack purse for another one because it broke after a few uses.

Convertible Shoulder Bag to Backpack

One of the many styles we have in stock is the convertible shoulder bag, which is the ultimate in versatility. They come in two colours, both tan and dark brown, and are great for the man or woman on the go.

It's an especially great bag for travelling, as you can sling it over your back for when you get on the plane or train and need extra hands for other luggage. But once you get to your destination, if you prefer to wear it as a purse or a bag with a side strap, you're able to do so.

Depending on which way you wear it, the bag almost takes on a different shape. It's almost like having two bags in one. And since it's made from sustainable cork, you'll know you're helping out the environment and looking great.

The Classic Small Backpack

Not one to mess around with a convertible purse to backpack? No worries. If you're the type of lady who knows what she wants and knows that it's a backpack instead of a purse, we've got you covered.

Our beige bucket-style vegan cork bag is PETA approved and comes decorated with an adorable mosaic on the top flap, giving your outfit an extra edge.

The straps are adjustable so you can fit the backpack on yourself or a friend who wants to borrow it. Your things are safe with a drawstring closure and a snap that goes over it for extra protection.

Choosing a Backpack Purse

When choosing a backpack purse, it is important that you choose one that feels like you. But it is also important that you pick one that is sustainable.

Our cork bags will last for many years, are water repellent and very easy to clean with just soap and water. They are also light-weight and surprisingly soft to the touch.

If a backpack purse isn't your thing, click here to browse our other vegan items. We've got something to suit almost every taste.