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Cork by Design

The idea of designing and manufacturing a line of high-end women and men Vegan Cork Handbags, Bags, Purses and Wallets  was inspired by my late grandfather, a leather workman and handbag designer himself that for almost 50 years specialized in leather handbags at his design studio in Paris, France. As a child, I remember going to my grandfather’s design studio/shop, spending countless hours playing with all the different tools and leather scraps while admiring the craftsmanship of his handbags and wallet designs.

Continuing with family tradition, I have created a beautiful, practical, modern and environmentally low impact line of Vegan Cork Handbags, purses  and  wallets utilizing 100% genuine cork leather from Portugal.

Cork is one of the most unique, practical and sustainable Eco-friendly, Vegan materials that exists today. It is surprisingly soft to the touch and  durable at the same time, water repellent cruelty free and versatile. There is a misconception about a shortage of cork. On the contrary, You can harvest the bark of the Cork tree every 9 years and it will regenerate. Its the only tree in the world that does not die if you remove the bark. Cork Trees can live between 250 and 500 years. 60% of all the available cork in the world comes from Portugal. The cork industry is of the utmost importance in Portugal.

The idea came to me to use cork as a replacement for leather a few years ago while traveling through Portugal, where I was exposed to the amazing and beautiful cork material and the famous Portuguese craftsmanship. Most of the designs are based on my personal taste and sense of style. As a woman who embraces Eco-friendly ethical and sustainable  fashion I do my best to keep up with the latest trends in all my cork handbags and wallets. My designs are simple, elegant and contemporary but more than anything they need to be practical for every day use. I get inspired by clean lines and the gorgeous and unique  look of the Cork leather. In order to make sure the design is not only beautiful but also practical, I personally test all my designs and prototypes  for weeks at a time to make sure they work and look the way I envisioned before sending them to production (all products are handmade in a Portuguese workshop by expert artisans).

Cork by Design is committed to creating high quality cork vegan products for women and men with the latest trends in design and colours, always with a personal touch.

Customer Service is one of the most important parts of any business. Keeping the customer happy is crucial and I’m confident that all the products we produce are going to do just that.


Martha Vainer

Cork by Design