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  • 1.-What is a cork vegan wallet?

    Cork vegan wallets are becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious consumers. As the name suggests, these wallets are made from cork and are ...
  • 2. Is a cork vegan wallet durable and long-lasting?

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  • Bike Seat made out of Cork!

    Frame Cycle sculpts bike seats with sustainable cork

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    Scottish company Frame Cycles has debuted its first product: the FR-1 Bike Saddle made of cork. The mission of this new company is to create beautiful and sustainable bicycle parts and accessories, and we’d say they’re off to a great start. What could make a bike saddle seat more attractive and comfortable while using sustainable materials? Cork.

    Close up of the cork saddle for bicycles

    The FR-1 Bike Saddle was made with cork to make the most of its sustainability and its natural properties. Cork is lightweight, durable and elastic. It’s also water resistant and better cushioning than many other bike seat materials.

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    We finally have back in stock our Cork Tote Handbag! You can order it now

    By Christian Smith, August 6, 2021 The cork harvest takes place every year from May to August, and the below pictures were taken earlier this week ...
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