Cork by Design specializes in the design, creation and manufacturing of sustainable and eco-friendly modern handmade women and men high fashion vegan cork handbags, vegan cork purses, vegan cork wallets, vegan cork messenger bags; all beautifully handcrafted from Cork, “Nature’s leather”.

Our full line of women and men designer cork bags, handbags, purses, wallets and messenger bags are designed in Canada and handcrafted in Portugal by highly skilled artisans, using only top quality cork leather which is a sustainable ecologically friendly natural material harvested from the cork tree. Cork is renewable, durable, hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, water repellent, stain-resistant, light, easy to clean with soap and water, and most importantly it’s beautiful and elegant. Cork by Design offers easy online shopping experience with free shipping to the United States and Canada.
Women take pride in the bag that they choose to carry.

We’ve integrated both style and substance; it’s the idea that something should be beautiful but also functional. The contemporary woman wants a bag that’s sleek, classic, incredibly stylish and practical in her day-to-day life. We’ve created something for that; you can carry quite a lot in our line of handbags. Our product line includes a diversity of designs, colours and sizes with many styles of handmade elegant and practical clutch bags, purses, cross-body, messenger bags, tote bags, shoulder handbags and classic bags. Additionally to our full line of women bags and purses and men messenger bags; we also offer a full line of women and men’s cork wallets that are not only Eco-friendly but very practical with slim modern designs with lots of compartments to store credit cards and extras. Our cork wallets are so light you’ll forget you are carrying them. The wallets come in different styles and sizes such as bi-fold, threefold, and all in one. We at Cork By Design are committed to design and create an ethical and environmentally friendly product with the most current design on the market. Using cork to produce our products help the sustainability of the cork tree.

As more and more wine manufacturers continue to adopt the use of plastic stoppers instead of the traditional cork cap, the cork farmers are faced with the challenge to find more uses for their harvest in order to make ends meet. Harvesting the cork every 9 years does not destroy or harm the tree since it comes from the bark and not the trunk. There is a misconception that cork trees are dying which is totally false. The farmers that are unable to find a market for their cork are cutting cork trees making them endangered. We at Cork by Design are proud to support the cork industry with our beautiful products.